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War in Nigeria as Herdsmen attack Enugu

Another Fulani herdsmen attack has happened in Abbi Community in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area, Enugu State, the invasion of the area by Fulani herdsmen who unleashed mayhem on the people, killing a brother and sister apart from razing down about seven houses and several motorcycles has left the community in chaos.The incidence recorded two dead, more than 19 missing and several others were also wounded with machetes by the herdsmen. The invaders were said to have emerged in a group of 30 with machetes and guns from a nearby bush in Abbi and began shooting and macheting indigenes of the community.

Fidelis Okeja, 45, and his sister Mercy, 50. Fidelis and Mercy were sitting outside their compound around 6.30pm of Thursday when the group emerged brutally killed them with machetes.

Following the recent meeting of the south East elders held in Enugu last week where the Igbos outlined their anger and strategy to the ongoing killings and grazing laws in the nation at large, it seems like they are already preparing for war against the Nothern Fulani Herdsmen.

In the meeting, the elders blamed the recent killings on the poor governance from the president of Nigeria, general Muhammadu Buhari, describing the possession of arms by the Fulani Herdsmen in their communities as unacceptable, and proof that the Government supports the invasion of Igboland by the herdsmen.

Instances were also given on the label of IPOB as terrorist organization when all they did were peaceful agitation for referendum, again on the shooting and mass burial of IPOB members in an unknown location. According to one of the spoke persons, ‘the Ndi igbo has had enough of this’

Currently in the state the news reaching us reveals that the order to defend self by fight to death has been issued to people living in communities where the herdsmen pose treat to their freedom

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