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Aki’s wife, rejected by husband’s family for carrying their son on her head

Mr Osita Iheme popularaly known as Pawpaw had it on Tuesday when his family finally rejected his wife for carrying him on her head during a family argument. She has been asked to leave and never return to the family as the act was seen as taboo in the Igbo culture.

Tuesday afternoon the couple were said to be arguing about decision making in the family when they both started shouting at each other and finally began fighting.

Due to the size of osita who is 2ft. tall, he could only reach the lower parts of his wife and managed to hit her on her abdomen, this angered her wife who quickly raised him into the air and placed him on her head, carrying him to a public area in the street, as he continued to say you are finished for her head where he held helplessly to her neck.

According to the family, she was warned strictly before their marriage to avoid fighting with the husband as this would be seen as an act of insult rather than a defence.

In a village meeting of the elders, Osita hed begged for his wife to be forgiven and given another chance but both his parents refused the sympathy claiming that a woman who is capable of such evil deed could do worst things to their son.

The two have since been looking into better solutions that could calm their elders down and better their living as this was the first they were having such a fight.

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