Cheating partners swallowed by giant snake

Friday evening was a memorable day to 68 years old Kenyan pa Kurgat who allegedly caught his 23 years old wife, fifth among 8 wives making love with a young high school student aged 17 years.

The two lovers (name withheld) were said to have been in a deep sexual relationship that kept all eyes wondering if pa Kurgat actually gave his the permission to sleep with the boy as he was old and could not satisfy his wife in bed.

It was till last evening that a crowd rushed to the compound of old pa Kurgat as women in the compound had screamed for help and ran to different directions of the five round huts in pa Kurgats residence. A giant snake about 12ft long was swallowing two humans and only the remnants of their feet could be seen from the mouth of the huge python.

According to the women who saw it happen, Pa kurgat had returned from his hunt for bush animals when he found his storage hut locked, he quickly summoned on all the wives to find out from them if they had deliberately locked the storage, to his amazement all gave him a negative response. This caused him to break the locks and behold his wife was struggling to dress up as the teen stood devastated and watched as the old man incanted few words that sounded like ‘raca ita raca tada’ immediately a giant horrible looking snake emerged from the walls and swallowed the lovers from the head.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, the snake disappeared to the wall after completely swallowing the two. This has caused people to desert the area in fear of the snake hovering within the village. Though the authorities have not been able to make sense out of the story as most witnesses were so scared to describe what they saw.

People are also wondering if the swallowed victims would appear somewhere in the forest or vanish forever. Pa Kurgat has refused to speak on the matter describing it as ‘Downfall of a dry leaf is warning to the green’

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