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Boko haram to kidnap from the south

There is a recent rumour that the Boko haram Jihadist plans to kidnap children from the southern part of Nigeria. This follows the recent abduction of over 120 Dapchi girls two weeks ago.

The Jihadist had sent a negotiator to the government but the president Mohammadu buhari distanced himself from the negotiation, this angered the group who also promised that the next kidnap within the month will shock the Federal government.

As this rumor circulate the southern parts of Nigeria, many have been withdrawing their wards from schools located in remote areas and enrolling them in nearby schools. Others have withdrawn their children from Boarding schools and enrolled them in day schools.

It is however no doubt that the presence of the Fulani herdsmen in the southern parts of Nigeria makes it very difficult for the populace to fight against the Jahadists, as they speak same language and have guns.

An unknown source confirmed to us that the outfit and medium for their next kidnap is to disguise as herdsmen and also migrate to targeted areas of the south only to attack when they are ready.

In as much as this story is difficult to believe or confirm, people from the southern parts of Nigeria are adopting different precautionary measures to ensure that if this was to happen, they will not fall victim of the situation.

In another information gathered, vigilantes in the southern states have been deployed to major sensitive areas of the state to wage war against any bridge in the area and report same to the leaders.

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