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Mugabe tired of Living

Mugabe celebrated his 94th and looked tired, sad, frustrated with life. While the former ebullient first lady seemed gloomy – no smiles as they met African Union chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat.

In what seemed like a Q and A as to the cause of his depression, the former Zimbabwean president only muttered ‘’I resigned for the sake of peace and development in the country”. Mr Mugabe reportedly told Mr Muhamat.

Although he is no longer in power, Mr Mugabe’s birthday – his 94th – is still a public holiday but he has not been happy as he misses the seat and role of being president, in most cases he wishes that he was still president.

As president his birthdays were usually colourful with celebrations made in public and grazed with many events that gave him joy. This time however the absence of all this is likely to make Mr Mugabe’s 94th birthday a sobering affair as he learns that very few people can command love, respect and affection in and out of power.

The change around him and enemies created while president are the major causes of his depression as he has been meeting them to settle their differences. In one occasion he was said to have visited Joice Mujuru, his former deputy whom he fired a few years ago, accusing her of treasonous behaviour. Mr Mugabe and his wife usually railed against Mrs Mujuru, alleging she used witchdoctors and seduced men to make a grab for power.

Mr Mugabe has now apologised for his past and reportedly confided to her that he is lonely and has been deserted by even his relatives and friends. It was as if he was appealing to all Zimbabweans, wondering how he had lost the people’s affection.

To be forgotten, despised or reviled out of power or in death speaks volumes about your conduct in power, or during your period of influence.

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