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Reasons why most men don’t last in bed and solutions to giving a woman multiple orgasms.

Recent survey and experiments have shown that about 75% of women do not reach orgasm during sex. This is not only disappointing to them but also humiliating as they seem to hate the act after every sex.

The major cause of this abnormally may be due to the multiple orgasm required to satisfy a female during sex, men usually have less number of orgasms than women and it is common that most men stop after a round of sex irrespective of the woman’s urge to continue.

Another setback to giving a woman orgasm during sex is the inability of most men to have fore play before sex, as in most cases women are moved by fore play before sex and may even orgasm before the real intercourse starts. The foreplay before sex increases a woman’s readiness and hormonal secretions thereby giving her the required urge to orgasm during sex.

Some women however are different and may have issues that prevent them from orgasm irrespective of the duration and play before sex. These differences may range from health issues to psychological conditions of the woman during sex.

There are many solutions that could help a woman orgasm during sex, below is a list of some of these solutions.

1.For men,

Exercise daily to keep fit and mostly try cardiovascular exercises.

Have foreplay for as long as you can with her before sex.

Never be in a hurry during sex.

Start slowly and proceed faster with good control.

Learn to control your ejaculation by slowing down or even taking shot breaks intermittently.

Remember women are moved by sight, touch and word. Moan, praise her, look in her eyes, kiss every part of her body that you can and stay focused on her.

Sex is better with all clothes off.

Do not be carried away by her orgasms, control your comings.

Try multiple sex positions.

2.For women

Never have sex you have emotional or psychological problems, try to discuss it or let it go before sex.

Speak out on how you want it, especially on positions that help you enjoy sex.

Never have sex with a man you don’t admire, you may not enjoy it.

Don’t hold back your feelings, make all sorts of sounds that you want to. It helps your partner understand that he is in the right track.

Feel free with your sex partner and do as you wish with him, for that is the rule of sexual satisfaction.

Try taking control of the act.

From survey these few solutions could make a woman come may times before the end of a sex round, remember however that different people have things that work for them

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