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Boy claims Trump is his real father

Recently a 15 years old from Miami claimed that Trump was his real father and would not visits or call his mama fear of being embarrassed by the press.

An anonymous source confirmed to us Tuesday that Trump might just have another son somewhere in Miami Florida.

He said ‘’ the young boy who refused to disclose his name or mothers name, came to me  in the city of North Miami library and said to me, ‘can you write a story on me, I want to be with my daddy’ who is your daddy I asked?’’

After narrating his story it was obvious to me that the boy might be the son of Trump as he indicated the pressure from his mother had kept him from going to the police or newspaper houses to make the pronouncement to them.

He also warned me to be careful as the mother would relocate him again if she finds out he told me about it. The Kid said he missed his daddy and wanted to be with him.

When asked if I could take a photo of him he said that would only make things worse and then ran from where we stood when he heard a door open.

‘’Though I tried to follow him but withdrew when I saw two huge men in dark suits, am guessing they are bodyguards and would be desperate if what the boy told me is really true’’

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