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NPK Fertilizer grows buildings.

A farmer in the befala area of Congo has applied fertilizers to the foundations of his new building to make it grow.

A man identified as Kabili was recently seen applying bags of fertilizers to the newly built foundation of what looked like two rooms. According to him he was trying to experiment the new type of Nitrogen Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer which was advertised recently on the radio, and in the advert the commentator had assured farmers that the fertilizer was capable of making things grow.

After the advert Kabili bought from suppliers 7 bags of fertilizer as he wasn’t sure if 3 could do the job and perhaps it was cheaper to buy the fertilizers than to build the house by construction.

The farmer was almost emptying the last bag of the product to his building when a passerby saw the comic situation and decided to alert the public and police. The arrest of Kabili by the police shocked his fellow farmers because they had also been convinced into buying bags of fertilizers to start up a building.

The authorities described the incident as unfortunate and had since sent Kabili for evaluation and treatment claiming that he had insisted that he knew what he was doing and was as a result mentally unfit to be left in moving freely in the community.

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