Weird creature frightened trump in the white house.

On the run this morning as a weird creature appeared in white house major entrance 7.45AM when many where still rushing to their offices and duty posts.

An unidentified creature which seemed like Cop in the popular maniac cop movies this morning appeared at the entrance of the white house just before office started.

According to an eye witness at first it appeared like a cop on duty but when people moved closer to ask him out of the way they all ran away as he appeared to be inhuman in looks and made sounds that might suggest it to be a living animal of another kind.

Two minutes later the creature ran at an amazing speed that made everyone run to diverse direction. ‘’The weird thing ran like a whirlwind to that direction’’ said an eye witness pointing to the east part of the entrance.

The security men at the post could only describe the rampaging crowd in front of the white house, but claimed not to have seen any weird creature or cop.

Many still believe it to be an UFO since the country has been working on identifying them and their appearance in several states of the country recently have been shocking to many.

Sketches of the weird UFO has gone viral and many still want to have a glimpse of it.

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