Fear grips U.S. as North Korea fires the first Missile

Early this morning there is strong rumour going on in Facebook about North Korea haven fired their first missile. The fear grips many all over the world especially the people in U.S. due to fear that Trump might order an attack on North Korea.

According to rumour the peace talk with U.S. has taken another dimension and early today two missiles that appear to be guarded and unprotected was launched into the air by the North Koreans.

There is a strong meeting going on in the oval office now as to whether to wedge war on North Korea or not. The other world powers are also strongly preparing nuclear shields and arming their nuclear arsenals in case something goes wrong.

People are advised to remain calm and get supplies that could last them longer than two weeks as preparations against the uncertainty caused by the missile lunch.

According to the North Korean news everything seem to be going fine and the delegates have since departed for U.S. to meet Trump and discuss peace between the countries.

Though lots of people have begun making calls to confirm the real truth behind the visit, however some still believe it to be a false rumour.

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