Zimbabwe Ex president son poo on pedestrian way.

What many would regard as unethical is what  Chatunga Mugabe 21 years old sees as only way to reducing discomfort after a heavy meal in a restaurant in FEED WELL restaurant of a small village in Zimbabwe.

It is a common thing these days that when people come out from a restaurant they get pressed and would need to use a toilet, this was the case of ex president son Chatunga after visiting a restaurant with friends, he was said to have eat so much expecting that the restaurant had rest room where that he could use if pressed.

His shock came however when he was told the toilet was broken and had since been removed for fixing. According to one of his friends ‘’ Chatunga was so pressed that his legs were shaking and we could see his eyes bulging out’’

He quickly ran out of the restaurant to a pedestrian way and removed his clothing and began to defecate. People passed by and wondered if he was mad or doing it for fun, but to pressed Chatunga he was just trying to set self-free of the discomfort.

Police soon approached him as he got up quietly and pulled his pants up, one of the passers-by had alerted the nearby police. In the police station Chatunga confessed that he had no other option but to do what he did ‘’ it was either I did it on that road or in the restaurant’’ he muttered with regret.

Though Authorities have fined the restaurant for not warning there customers beforehand. The story however spread fast in the Zimbabwean villages that customers now go to check toilets in a restaurant before making orders

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