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American woman marries Dog.

Andrea Williams a 42 years old single mother marries a dog Tuesday as companion following break up with husband last summer in Ohio after court rulings.

The 5 years old dog has been with Andrea throughout the divorce period and according to her, ‘’my decision to marry the dog is get a companion that would not cheat on me, some men are not to be trusted as they would fail you when you least expect them to’’

Her ex-husband Andy Williams was said to have been caught cheating on his wife with his secretary repeatedly. On many occasions he begged for forgiveness promising that the incident would not repeat itself, only to be caught again.

Andrea grew tired of the relationship and filed for divorce on grounds of infidelity. Though months after the divorce she found no reason to get married to another man even when she had proposals from new friends, she turned them down and rather went for her dog as she said it was better to lay trust on the dog than to share her heart with another man.

According to an anonymous source the dog and Andrea got married in garden at her residence where she celebrated the union with friends and well-wishers in what seemed like a wedding party. The two now live happily and usually go out together in romantic ways that got people asking questions.

She may not be the only woman to get married to animals that are not humans as Ngurah Alit, an 18-year-old Balinese teenager married a cow, after been caught engaging in a sexual intercourse with her.  In December 2005, Sharon Tendler, a 41-year-old eccentric British millionaire, married the love of her life — a dolphin named Cindy — at an Israeli resort and other countless examples.

While many might see marriage to animals as unwholesome others still argue that the act is lawful and everyone is free to express their love.

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