Conflict ensued after Northern Governors backed the movement to build ranches all over the country

Following the recent developments in trying to solve the problem of Fulani herdsmen invasion in Nigeria, the Federal government has carved out strategies to develop ranches in all parts of the federation to house the Fulani herdsmen settle with their cattle and reduce the nomadic movements around the country.

The Northern governors Forum held Thursday have expressed concern on ranching in Nigeria, they have in the meeting backed the movement to build ranches all over the country. After listing the benefits of ranches to Nigerians the governors noted that this would be a best solution to the constant communal
crises in the federation.

If the building of ranches is adopted in Nigeria, there would be many ranches in every state of the federation, just like there are many farms in the states. The ranches would not only harbour the cattle but also the Fulani men that own the cattle together with the buyers from all parts of the nation.

The possession of heavy fire powers by the Fulani herd’s men is what scares many Nigerians, as most argue that the clashes and killings are multiplying at the moment due to the fact that the Fulanis were given free movement to all parts of the country and carrying guns with them.

Though the southern parts of Nigeria see this as an invasion rather than a solution to the ongoing crisis.

They however stated categorically that the Fulanis want to invade the country under the rulership of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and as such would not support the building of ranches in all parts of the nation to avoid turning Nigeria to animals farm.

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