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Trump gives a 3days ultimatum to Buhari over the unreleased Christian Dapchi girl.

The President of the US Donald Trump has issued a 3 days ultimatum to the President of Nigeria Gen. Mohammadu Buhari to produce the Christian Dapchi girl that was not released with the rest of the Kidnapped girls.

The Ultimatum came Friday in a statement issued by the US ambassador in Nigeria to the Nigerian government.

In the statement, he pointed out the flaws of the government to protect all her citizens equally and also the recent corruption emanating from the so called anticorruption groups.

The mandate is said to begin this week Monday and the presidency has also been warned to take it seriously as the US would deploy necessary measures to correct any discrimination among people of diverse religions.

The mandate also pointed out the reasons for the kidnapping and suspects of the kidnapping as being simply political and by politicians and warns that the lives of innocent citizens of the country should not be jeopardized for political reasons.

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