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Transgender scares two boys out of restroom

A transgender scared two out of a bathroom in Ohio last Friday.

The two boys went into a rest room to brand their names to a wall when they met someone urinating in the lavatory just behind the public area of the rest room.

They waited for the man to finish and go, hoping to continue their mission as soon as the hindrance was away.

They were however surprised when a middle aged woman stepped out from the corner trying to cover her pant with the mini skate she had on.

The two boys at first looked at themselves and afterwards continued to mope at the woman who noticed what was going on and said in a manly voice ‘’what are you looking at?’’

‘’You know you shouldn’t be here, you should respect men and use the women toilet instead’’, one of the boys said.

‘’Why not? Because of this?’’ the woman said pulling up her skate and opening her pant to expose her manhood.

One of the boys fainted and the other ran from the rest room in fear, people could hear him saying ‘’man woman’’, ‘’man woman’’ repeatedly as he ran to a police car just in front of the building.

Even when police was able to hold him, his entire body was still jittering in fear of what he saw.

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