Teen commits suicide After Valentine’s day breakup

A young teenager Elizabeth Daniels aged 16 commits suicide Monday for being dumped by boyfriend on valentine’s day. Eye witness reported that the teen was seen several times after the Valentine’s day in tears and usually trying to make phone calls.

Her body was found in an abandoned facility near her residence covered in what looked like toxic chemical and a piece of scrambled paper on which was written ‘SORRY IT WAS A MISTAKE’. According to Authorities, the teen drank about a liter of Formaldehyde which got her body stiffed.

From the information collected from her phone she tried to call Wyne dazz another teen thought to be her boyfriend to apologize for a leaked nude picture of her another boy. The boyfriend had waited till the Valentine’s day to invite her to a party and publicly exposed her pictures with the other boy and calling the relationship a quit.

When contacted by the police wyne explained that they broke up of the Val and he hasn’t been picking or returning her calls. He was however sorry for the unfortunate incidence and begged her parents to forgive him as he ‘didn’t know she could go this far’

The neighborhood has since been quiet with most kids indoors and scared

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