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‘Stealing is not corruption’. Nigerian couples take to stealing as means of livelihood.

The former president of Nigeria president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan once said in his speech on social media that ‘stealing is not corruption’ it is no surprise however that a couple was caught Friday stealing from passersby.

The police Operatives of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command arrested the said suspects a husband and Wife after they were allegedly caught on CCTV three times in Oshodi dispossessing passersby of their belongings.

The couple Segun Latoye and Toyin Samuel were said to have hypnotized their victims with charm and took away their belongings only for the victims to wake up later and realize they have been robbed.

It is indeed a sad experience as the suspects would only claim that they have not broken any law in the country since stealing is not corruption and the current government of Nigeria is only kin in persecuting corrupt people.

The economic situation in the country is key cause of the massive loss of jobs and as the bills keep coming and must be paid many families have taken into stealing as another means of livelihood.

People in the oshodi area of Lagos state where this incidence took place have commended the Nigerian police for this new technology of using cameras to catch thieves

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