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Shaggy: Breaking news, Trump arrested by FBI over several Allegations

The 45th president of the United States of America Donald J. Trump has been arrested for multiple crime which he allegedly committed within his first year in office.

Trump was visited Wednesday in his office by special counsel Robert Mueller who also had FBI agents with him, after the questioning which lasted for a few hours, Trump was cuffed and led away by the agents.

In the questioning Trump denied having any thing to do with the Russians as regards 2016 elections or any form of collusion.

Trump also said he made a mistake by firing James B. Comey and people now think him dumber for his actions.

When asked about the tax frauds and shady dealings abroad, he simply said ‘’It wasn’t me’’ and about the pee tape recovered from the porn star he said it wasn’t pee.

The tape was played and other evidences provided to him as he was cuffed and taken away.

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