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Rat in Buhari’s office turns human. All run away

Last year , the president’s office was ravaged by rodents during the his medical trip which lasted over a hundred days in the United Kingdom.  This was due to three months period of disuse, rodents have caused a lot of damage to the furniture and the air conditioning units making it impossible for Buhari to operate from the said office.

The Rodents are back this year, According to eye withness rodents ran into the office of Buhari in tens from nowhere. All rats were said to have ran away when press men with the president tried to scare them except for one rat the remained adamant running helter-skelter in the office.

It was gathered from sources tha as soon as Buhari made to leave the office to enable security deal with the incidence, the rat had turned into a scary monster rat.

As all ran to save their lives and call security, the president was trapped in the office with the rat. It was not till later thatt the security ment broke into the office to find the president lying on the floor with no traces of the rats.

On a paper left on the table of the president was written boldly in blood CONTEST 2019 AND DIE. The paper was said to have been taken to the authorities for proper analysis and checks. Experts are to be flown from abroad to help examine the incidence and profer possible solutions to it.

Many still wonder if Buhari will continue to use the office or sort for safer place to operate from

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