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Pastor Pays Off His Mistress After Sex Marathon And Sharing Naked Selfies

Pastor Charles Jenkins under heavy criticism for cheating on wife, mismanaging church funds and sharing naked selfies online

Pastor Charles Jenkins has now been accused of using church funds to feed his whore!

Pastor Charles Jenkins and family

A U.S pastor comes under serious attack from his congregation, family and friends after he was accused of allegedly using church funds to pay off his mistress of so many years and offering her a juicy job at the church just so she could stay closer and was always ‘available’ for him.

Pastor Charles Jenkins of the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago was busted for cheating on his lovely wife for many years early this week; and putting up naked selfies on the internet while chatting with his secret lover.

The Grammy award winning pastor, of course denies all these allegations and is struggling to get his wife and children to believe in him again. But in an episode of Financial LovemakingDr. Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown discussed the good pastor’s ‘bad’ choices and how they might play out emotionally, financially or otherwise.

This is very bad for his image and calling. Even though it’s still all based on allegations, except the nude picture, the Pastor has some self-examining to do. He needs God now more than ever.

Plus are there potential legal liabilities that one might encounter for using organizational resources to cater for their personal activities?

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