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Obama laughs at President Trump for mistaking North Korea for South Korea

The former President of The United States of America Barack Hussein Obama Yesterday laughed at President Trump for mistaking North Korea for South Korea.

President Trump made this mistake in his speech at the white house Thursday when he tried to clear more on the outcome of the recent discussions with Kim Un.

He allegedly referred to North Korea as South Korea and promised to do all to his power to stop the testing of nuclear weapons in the area. ‘’I will annihilate South Korea if they continue to test Nuclear weapons in the area’’ said Trump.

Later in his address to former presidents of the United States on the security stands of the country and seeking advice, Obama had asked why he was suddenly harsh on their close ally the South Koreans.

In his statement Trump said ‘’The Kim Jong un guy is pissing me off and I would do anything to stop his country’’.

After a long laughter which lasted for about 3 minutes coming from all present, Obama opened up, telling Trump that those were the North Koreans and not the South.

‘’North or South I don’t mind, those Koreans are same anyway.

This left everyone laughing even more and eventually Trump got upset and left as he could not continue his discussions with them.

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