Nigeria in pieces as Boko haram kidnaps another 50 girls.

More than 50 Nigerian schoolgirls are still missing after an attack on a boarding school by Boko Haram jihadists. According to the Local governor, Militants raided their school on Monday evening, but many of the students and staff had fled before they arrived.

Though all were thought to have fled the scene but some parents still complain that their daughters were missing. According to one of the parents they had seen a truck full of students being taken away, and more than 94 girls were seen in the truck.

It is barely few years since the Chibok girls were kidnapped by the same Jihadist, although most of the girls were returned back to their families during a swap deal with the Nigerian government that saw five Boko Haram commanders released.

Last week about 475 boko haram suspects were released by the Nigerian Government. The announcement came from the Minister of Justice also the attorney general of the federation Abubakar Malami with reasons of no concreate evidence found on the suspect.

It maybe coincidence that these girls were kidnapped one week after the release of these boko haram suspects most Nigerians however believe the act was perpetuated by the released prisoners. Although the Nigerian forces claimed to have maimed the activities of the Jihadist, but the kidnapping of these school girls and recent bombings in different parts of Nigeria show otherwise.

In addition to these bombings and kidnappings, the country have witnessed several deaths in thousands from the invading Fulani herdsmen, most fear that chaos and insecurity in Nigeria as at today may cause breakage of the country into regions that feel marginalized by the current government.

The southern parts of Nigeria blame the north for the recent atrocities and insecurity in the country. The Unity of the country may be at stake unless the problems are solved hastily.

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