Governor, Rep fighting over “Transformer”? Muna kallo a Bauchi.

A friend called me from Hardawa (a town in Bauchi state) telling me there was a mild drama in the town. Upon my enquiry on what was happening, he me told it was directives from the state govt to remove a “Transformer” earlier purchased and installed by the member representing Misau and Dambam at the federal house of representative, Ahmed Yerima.

The area was experiencing power shortage for about 8 to 9 months ago. Residents of th e area have been complaining and crying for a brand new “Transformer” but the state govt didn’t find it worthy to purchase the transformer until after the member house of reps, Ahmed Yerima woke them up from their slumber.

Yerima and Gov M.A have been at loggerheads for long but i laugh when the fight was taken to even the procurement of a mere “Transformer”.

This fight seems to be beneficial to the masses. I learned a lot of lessons from it, one is how these people force to do things over rivalries.

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