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Ghost passenger abandoned to fate.

People are scared over the disappearance of a man in Sokoto Nigeria after a commuter bus crashed into an oncoming cyclist Monday.

A Nissan bus with registration number KJA-585AA carrying 14 passengers travelling from Lagos to Sokoto was said to have crashed into a coming cyclist in a village near Tambela. The incidence took place when the motorist tried to run across the high way, though the driver was said to have applied brakes immediately but the effort only reduced the collision.

According to one of the passengers ‘we came down from the bus and stopped another car to take the cyclist man to Hospital, only to notice that the passenger sitting in front with the driver was missing’ The unknown passenger was said to have come down with the rest of the passengers but was nowhere to be found after the cyclist was taken away.

Another passenger added that ‘the place was a lonely place and if he went to ease himself someone would have seen him going, but he just vanished, and we had to leave after the driver and other brave passengers went searching for him. I have never seen a thing like this in my life’

Though there have been many cases like that in the past, in most cases however people always noticed the disappearance, but in this case no one really understood what had happened to the said passenger. Some have described the man as ‘ghost passenger’ while others still believe an innocent man was left out on a lonely road without help.

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