Buttocks explosion scares worshipers in church

The ongoing love for artificial ass has caused panic in a church wedding at LA Saturday. In the world of women, a common belief that the bigger the ass the more attractive the person is major reason for buttocks transplant.

The success of the surgery depends on the experience of the surgeon and other medical factors that may vary from one individual to another.

A successful butt surgery last for decades depending on the patient, but poor butt surgery may be catastrophic and can even lead to multiple surgeries in attempt to correct it. Sometimes it might even lead to the death of a patient. Dr. George Craig.

According to the wedding couple the intense sound of the exploding ass which sounded like gunshot scared everyone in the church and even caused many worshipers to flee the scene due to insecurity and echoes from the church hall.

‘We just finished making the I do vows when the presiding priest asked everyone to sit down. The sound was heard just before peoples butt could touch the chairs creating panic and fear amongst the worshippers. The bride explained.’

What baffled everyone was the inability to identify the source of the sound even after the runaway members returned back to the scene.

It wasn’t till the end of the wedding that a lady was heard screaming, she was in pains and blood trickled from her butt on her legs to the floor.

One of the insertions in her buttocks had busted leaving one side of her butt bigger than the other in what seemed like an over growth.

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