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Buhari the herdsman

Retired major general Muhammadu Buhari GCFR was born 17 December 1942 to a Fulani family in Daura, Katsina State. He is the 23rd child of Mallam Adamu and mother Zulaihat who were farmers in a vast region of Daura in Katsina state where the major occupation for men was cattle rearing and for women crop farming and sales of farm produce. Though the father of Muhammadu Buhari died when he was 4 years old, his mother raised him to be a cattle rarer till he attained the age of 19 when he joined the Nigerian military training college in Kaduna, then – Cadet School in Aldershot (UK), and subsequently – Army Mechanical Transport School in Borden (UK). Read more.

It is no doubt that being a Fulani and a herdsman are the immediate causes of the current saga between the Fulani herdsmen and innocent Nigerians. Since Buhari came into power in May 2015, the excitement and feeling of own being in power have made the Fula herdsmen move beyond boundaries for their grazing cattle to all other states of the federation irrespective of laws from such lands on grazing animals and restrictions to use of major roads.

In average a Fulani herd’s man is equipped with unlicensed AK-47 and other major fire powers for defence against wild animals and cattle predators. However nowadays possession of fire powers like that and taking cattle for grazing all over the federation have made the Fulani herdsmen to invade the country systematically. Their cattle eat farmer’s crops in their farms, trample on farm plants, and defecate in walking areas of people’s houses, blockade major high ways and local terrains.

The worst part of these invasion is the constant slaughter of Nigerians in Thousands by these herds’ men for their refusal to give the cattle and herdsmen free entry to their farms and territories.

Amidst the constant killings of innocent Nigerians by the Fulani Herdsmen, the president Mohammadu Buhari has shown nepotism and ethnicity in handling the matter as he himself is a herdsman and would not like to be seen as a traitor back in his home town Daura. It was for this reason that he chose not to visit the victims of the Fulani slaughter in Benue state and rather visited the Fulani victims whose cattle were killed

The question at the moment would be ‘is Buhari the herdsman willing to stop his fellows from this massacre or to keep the red light on?’

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