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Buhari the Cursed Maniac.

The former aviation minister to Nigeria has described the current president of Nigeria General Mohammadu Buhari as “curse, affliction and genocidal maniac” who is trying to conquer and oppress Nigerians. In his statement, the continuous domination of the Hausas in the northern part of Nigeria and forceful intimidation of her indigenes to accept the Fulani traditional and political leadership and rulership is one of his evil deeds.

For more examples the former minister cited killings of Igbo youths that are IPOB members as well as Shiites and recalled how mass graves have been discovered in some parts of the country. In his words he said “Those that are not killed are thrown into prisons or horrific detention cells all over the country where they are tortured and left to rot without any form of due process and against court orders to release them”

“Buhari is a plague, a curse and an affliction. Getting him out of power is not just a sacred duty but it is also a religious obligation and a righteous crusade”.

“Buhari is a genocidal maniac who believes in conquest and oppression and who has turned a blind eye whilst his subjects are butchered in their thousands by Fulani terrorists. He has brought nothing but carnage, division, destruction, death, poverty and evil to our nation”.

“If we want Nigeria to live, to remain united, to survive and to be restructured we must get him out. He is an ancient dinosaur with analogue ideas who offers nothing but outdated, archaic and provincial solutions to complex modern challenges.”

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