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Bridge collapses in Miami as Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of Ireland visited US.

It is no coincidence that the Miami Bridge collapsed same period that the Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar of visited US.

Rumours have it that the prime minister was supposed to fly to Miami after the meeting with the president of the United States Donald Trump to visit family members living there.

Seems like an amateur wanted him dead and planned to collapse the bridge at Miami Florida which according to the engineer already had cracks which he warned the authorities about.

Unfortunately the bridge collapsed before the prime minister could even board his flight.

Officials declined to speculate on a cause after Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez raised the possibility that a “stress test” of the 950-ton bridge section was underway Thursday afternoon when the structure pancaked onto at least eight cars on the roadway below.

Chief NTSB investigator Robert Accetta said construction workers were working on the north end of the structure, tightening internal cables that were meant to strengthen the walkway’s diagonal members, when the incident occurred.


“This is a different design type of bridge,” said Accetta, who noted that investigators were not close to coming to a conclusion. “It’s not something we’ve encountered before and I’ll go on to say that it’s not uncommon in other bridge structures to put members under tension to strengthen them.”


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