Another Failed Attempt To Blackmail Dr. Ubah By Lady Bianca’s Media Team.

At the much-heralded Mentorship programme yesterday, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah kicked-off by encouraging the youths to embrace the virtue of forgiveness while eschewing prolonged bitterness as this could hinder the blessings directed their way by God. Dr. Ubah also made a public declaration and plea to everyone, supporters and well-wishers alike; imploring them to desist from maligning any Anambrarian and Nigerian in an attempt to defend him and his cause. Rather, he advised that the youth stick to issue-based arguments as well as have their eyes firmly on the ball. Despite the fact that every participant embraced this advice wholeheartedly, it appears to be that some meddlesome interlopers who were not even at the event have taken it upon themselves to discredit what was widely acclaimed a massive success.

It is also pertinent to note, as Dr. Ubah stated yesterday, that Korean diplomats as well as a Chinese delegation will be visiting Anambra between the dates of 14th and 17th September, 2018 for an on-the-spot assessment and conclusive discussions on an epoch-making partnership that will give birth to Ifeanyi Ubah University; another youth-oriented project being undertaken by Dr. Ubah.

The tables have started shaking again and some people’s “Miss World” is on it.

For the avoidance of doubt and to correct the false impression some unrelenting detractors have tried to create, I will be forwarding with this subtle warning, pictures of Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah LIVE at Harvard University receiving a good dose of first-rate lectures, to the shame and dismay of these unscrupulous elements. It is advised that sleeping dogs are let to lie peacefully else we will be throwing everything into the ring, even the kitchen sink. We have taken a conscious decision to be calm in the face of provocation.


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