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50 Cent beats body guard to death for disobeying him

The popular hip-hop star Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975) popularly known as 50 cent beat his body guard to death for disobeying and making mockery of him in a show Friday night in LA.

In what seemed like a joke and later escalated into a fight was a shock to many in the dressing room area when the hip-hop star continually hit one of his body guard on his face till he went into unconsciousness.

According to a second body guard they were all standing at duty at the stage entry when Curtis signalled for his towel, the bodyguard had thrown the towel a bit far from the star and at the floor, though the star picked it up and continued his performance.

Later that night, in the changing room the star had called for the body guard and we could hear them arguing, when suddenly we heard sounds like two people fighting, ‘’I couldn’t go in I was instructed not to, I only knew what happened when Cent asked me to call an ambulance’’

Other eye witnesses in the room explained that the body guard was disrespectful in his attitude that day, ‘’First he threw a piece at my hommy and later he insults him of having too much temper on little things’’ when 50 asked him not to do that again he raised his finger and signalled a fuck you. At that point Curtis couldn’t endure the insults.

He gave him a push and he bounced back at him, the rest is history. ‘’ I hope he learns his lesson’’ one of the artists said

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